Resources to Help Transact Clients Respond to COVID-19
Dear Valued Clients,

As we all work together during these unprecedented times of concern and uncertainty caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), we remain focused on you and the needs of your students, faculty, staff, and campus community members. We’ve been listening to your concerns and the immediate challenges you’re facing in this changing environment.  In response, our product teams have identified several ways our technology may be leveraged to help.

Sharing of Safety Information
The COVID-19 virus has emphasized the need to easily share timely information and provide the ability to receive feedback from the community.  If you do not have a platform to share this type of safety information, LiveSafe is an application students can download on their phones at no charge. The LiveSafe COVID-19 Safety Resources App provides three key LiveSafe features to specifically help organizations address the threat of COVID-19 to their communities. These features include the ability for employees and students to ask questions of their organization's Coronavirus response teams, one-touch access to the latest info from the CDC, and the ability to call 911, regardless of their location.  More detailed information can be found on LiveSafe's COVID-19 Safety Resources App Webpage and in the summary description of services

Cleaning of Hardware Devices 
Guidelines released by the CDC recommend that in response to COVID-19 educational institutions and businesses should clean surfaces that are frequently touched. These would include Transact and other third-party hardware devices. Please refer to the following links for more detailed information on proper cleaning procedures: 

Third-party door locks, such as those from ASSA ABLOY and Allegion, may be cleaned with standard cleaning supplies.

Non-Traditional Access Control Management 
Access needs for facilities are changing daily during this time of uncertainty. Many campuses have sent students home while others are accommodating limited residential student populations. This may mean separating students in private rooms and changing standard residential access plans. Some campuses may even repurpose residence halls as temporary medical support facilities. Most academic facilities are closed on campuses during this time, but critical labs and research projects may need to continue with restricted staff. In addition, there may be a facility that needs to be closed quickly to be disinfected. Should these situations or others apply to you, whether using TSE Door Access or Netbox, we’re here to help. Full instructions for modifying access plans and automating assignments can be found in product administration guides on Behind the Blackboard and Transact Support is fully staffed and ready to assist.

Mobile Privilege Verification with iValidate 
Restricted access to enforce social distancing may elevate the need to validate people’s access rights in remote locations. Campus Security or other administrative staff can use iValidate to verify a person’s current relationship to your institution. This can be done using an MRD5 contactless reader paired to the iOS device or through hand entry of an ID number into the application. In either case, direct contact is not required. Critical services may be delivered in temporary locations or in the event of dining facility closures, iValidate may be helpful for food delivery or pickup for students with meal plans using a wireless or cellular network or an offline database loaded into the application. 

If you do not currently subscribe to iValidate licensing, we are currently offering free limited period trial licenses. iValidate can run on any Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Contact your client manager if you have interest in this solution. 

Social-Distancing Options for Dining
Transact Mobile Ordering for pick-up or delivery of food and other necessities is an excellent way to facilitate social distancing by eliminating the need to wait in lines or even leave one’s residence to obtain these basic needs.  By downloading the Transact Mobile Ordering app to an iOS or Android device orders can be easily placed for immediate pickup or delivery using meal plans, stored value, or credit card payment methods.  

Self-service kiosks can also assist with social distancing on campus through a user-friendly and easy-to-use self-service terminal. Orders can be entered on the kiosk and automatically routed to a kitchen printer or display after payment. Depending on the type of POS terminal hardware you have deployed, it may be possible to turn existing attended cashier stations into kiosks without additional hardware or software costs.  

These self-service and pick-up options may require changes to already configured meal plans. It may be necessary to move from count plans to cash equivalency or stored value to allow for retail-based sales as opposed to a cafeteria all-you-care-to-eat model. Meal Plans in TSE can be updated in Workstation and reset at any time. Information on how to configure Meal Plans is available in administration guides on Behind the Blackboard and via Transact Support. TS SaaS clients needing changes or adjustments to meal plans can contact Managed Services for assistance.

We’ve heard from many of you that you’re still servicing students and university community members that had to remain on or near campus and are looking for ways to help support your communities, including many businesses that are dealing with unprecedented challenges. There may be opportunities to convert meal plan dollars to your stored value account or you could set up a limited period drain order which would allow for stored value dining funds to be spent in your community. For those campuses that offer off-campus merchant programs, this could provide a valuable lifeline for your small business community.

If you do not already have Kiosks or Transact Mobile Ordering deployed on your campus, or currently have it  and require assistance, please contact your client manager to explore how Transact can help you get up and running now or for next term.

Financial Challenges 
Transact appreciates the unprecedented challenges that campuses are facing in the wake of COVID-19; not only to ensure the safety of your students & staff, but also to protect the financial well-being of your institution. We’re proud to offer solutions that can enable our clients to overcome those challenges on both fronts – allocate immediate budgets towards initiatives that further your protection and enrichment of those critical stakeholders in these trying times, while simultaneously leveraging 100% digital/paperless solutions from Transact Capital to advance your Privileges solutions.  

Transact Capital is here to tailor an acquisition solution for your individual scenario, to draw from operating or capital budgets, with a variety of additional customizations including:  No payments until your next budget cycle, minimized payments during current and upcoming budget year, and more. Contact your Transact sales representative or client manager to learn more about how we can support you as a partner - through these challenging times and beyond.

Return to Normal and Fall Planning
It may seem early to think about it now, but things will return to “normal” and we need to be prepared. This means ensuring your campus is ready for Fall and possibly Summer students. It may be a good time to review semester end and beginning processes. Are your privilege assignment automation configurations ready? Are you looking to improve the student experience? Online Photo Submission is one way to engage with new students prior to arrival on campus and reduce time they may spend in the ID provisioning process. It may also be time to consider contactless and mobile credential offerings to avoid handing magnetic stripe cards back and forth.

Thank you for being part of the Transact family. We are here to help and will continue to provide the support you need. Please continue to reach out to us with your issues and concerns—and ideas for innovative ways we can help with our solutions. For more information on use of any of these features, please contact your client manager or call us directly 1-888-381-8054.  

Your Transact Team